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[webvr] Refactor VR display and controller managers


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Although We did our OpenVR controller support already, I meet some architecture design problem for the current Oculus controller work. Because ovrSession and IVRSystem should be shared between VRDisplayHost and VRControllerHost, especially for Oculus, otherwise, it would affect our VR system thread.

I purpose that we should rename VRDisplayManager to be VRSystemManager, and it is responsible for managing VRDisplayHost and VRControllerHost. VRControllerManager is no longer needed.
How do you think about this? Kip.
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This seems reasonable, given what VRDisplayManager actually "manages" is VR API sessions, which enumerate both displays and controllers.

I'd continue with your suggestion for now.  If VRSystemManager grows very large, perhaps we would later split some display and controller functionality into separate classes that are composed with VRSystemManager.

For now, I think there is no need to have separate classes.

Thanks, Daosheng!
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Bug 1332989 - Using VRSystemManager to manage vr displays and controllers;

Just one small whitespace nit, r+ from me with that.

Looks great, thanks!

::: gfx/vr/gfxVR.h:212
(Diff revision 1)
>    virtual bool Init() = 0;
>    virtual void Destroy() = 0;
>    virtual void GetHMDs(nsTArray<RefPtr<VRDisplayHost>>& aHMDResult) = 0;
> +  

Small nit: Spaces on empty line
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> Comment on attachment 8829796 [details]
> Bug 1332989 - Using VRSystemManager to manage vr displays and controllers;
> Review request updated; see interdiff:

Replace ScanForDevices / RemoveDevices with ScanForControllers / RemoveControllers.
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Using VRSystemManager to manage vr displays and controllers; r=kip
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