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don't complain about llvm-config if we're not building stylo bindgen


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If we're not building stylo, then we can find a too-old llvm-config on PATH, examine its version, and declare it as too old for build-time bindgen.  But this is wrong: we're not building stylo at all, so we shouldn't care about the llvm-config version.

I think I'm going to land a semi-hacky patch on m-c to unblock people who run into this today, and then we can discuss the Right Fix.
This is the band-aid fix.  I dislike the duplication of checking for
--enable-stylo and bindgen in |stylo| and |bindgen_config_paths|, but I'm not
sure how to delay the evaluation of |bindgen_config_paths| until we know we're
going to need it in |stylo|.

The alternative fix is to not |die| in |bindgen_config_paths|, but to pass
error information up in its returned namespace and sort out the errors in
|stylo| itself, but that feels hackish too.

f? to Chris as to whether he has better suggestions, but it's going to be some
post-landing feedback. :)  We can address suggestions in a follow-up.
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also merged down to integration/m-i and autoland
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band-aid - avoid checking llvm-config version if we're not building stylo/bindgen

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This is fine. I guess it'd be a bit better to have the version passed up to `stylo` in the namespace returned from `bindgen_config_paths`, and decide whether to do the check and die if it fails there.
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Duplicate of this bug: 1332948
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We made the check for llvm-config conditional in bug 1364428; I think we can close this bug.
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