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Possible leaks with track element test


(Testing :: web-platform-tests, defect)

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(Reporter: jgraham, Unassigned)


Details is an attempt at enabling leak checking in web-platform-tests. It seems like we leak the world, but there are lots of track element tests in the log [1], so I guess we are doing something bad there.

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Blocks: 1333114
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See Also: → 973384
The previous try is not applied the patch in Bug 1333114 for enabling wpt leak checking.

See the following one:
Blocks: 1352355
No longer blocks: 1333114
Henry, did bug 973384 fix this?
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I don't know actually. I was told that my fix for Bug 973384 *probably* also fix this bug 
so I had a try but ended up with not knowing how to interpret the try result.

Not sure how "enabling wpt leaking test is going so far". Since Bug 973384 has landed,
maybe :jgraham could suggest how we can try to enable wpt leaking test and see if it's
been fixed.

p.s. I am not certain if the patch I applied to enable wpt leak checking (in comment 2)
is still valid.
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You enable leak checking with |mach wpt --leak-check|. To get a try run with it on, you will need to add the --leak-check argument in testing/mozharness/configs/web_platform_tests/prod_config[_windows].py
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