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52.0b1 is busted due to migration bug


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•jlund> Jordan Lund rail: I think the issue is that this was a little too early in the patch:
<•jlund> Jordan Lund I thought we just stopped building uni builds on aurora
16:06:28 this week
<•jlund> Jordan Lund to compound the confusion, I edited that patch locally on merge day.
16:09:54 I had to remove those lines because doing this:
16:10:12 duplicated this:
16:10:42 but really, I should have kept them in there but put them back to 'universal' ?
•jlund> Jordan Lund so 1) fix uni osx l10n mozconfigs on beta 2) do a build 2
<•jlund> Jordan Lund fix ==
Blocks: 1305492, 1295375
for context, the migration scripts that live in mozharness, don't 'ride' the trains. They live in-tree but we consider central tip to be production.

therefore, we run beta->release, aurora->beta, and central->aurora migration automation all with the same code base[1]:

# checkout mozharness from the gecko tree using archiver
python mozharness --repo mozilla-central --rev default --debug
python mozharness/scripts/merge_day/ -c mozharness/configs/merge_day/
python mozharness/scripts/merge_day/ -c mozharness/configs/merge_day/

I think the confusion was that mshal thought we woul drun `python mozharness/scripts/merge_day/ -c mozharness/configs/merge_day/` from mozilla-beta's mozharness tip so it was safe to change central's config now. mshal, do I have that right?
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here is the actual post migration mozconfig patch
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just need one r+ but including mshal for fyi purposes. this fixes the migration scripts. explanation is within commit message inside the patch. I'm too used to doing that in mozreview but where I am right now, I'm blocked from using port 22 on mozreview server
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52.0b1 is busted due to migration bug, r=rail
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I got this clarified over irc. confirmed mshal assumed this part of code rode the trains. It may be better to try and mirror the CI behaviour of mozharness so we don't run into this again.
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Seems to make sense to me. We should probably get together at some point to figure out if our mozconfig layout & merge strategy still makes sense in the new world of things.
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