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[manifestparser] should use ConfigObj as a backend instead of implementing a custom ini parser


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It's kind of crazy that we maintain our own ini parser in manifestparser. If manifestparser instead used ConfigObj as a backend, not only would we push some of the (admittedly light) maintenance burden upstream, but we would gain a bunch of additional benefits such as:

* proper handling of inline comments
* preserving comments when writing configs back out
* more types and better type casting
* multi-line strings (triple quotes)
* nested sections
* much more

If we decide to go through with this, we should make sure to try to solve the use cases of the wpt manifest parser as well so we can merge those back together.

Also this is likely a large project with unknown impact. It will also be a pain to make sure we don't regress any of the hundreds of existing manifests in tree. For now I'm mostly filing to have it on file, I'm not sure it will be a priority anytime soon.
Priority: -- → P3
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