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Build ID: 20170126030209

Steps to reproduce:

You need a UHD display to do this test. I'm using a 32" UHD

Open a dialogue box
Pretty much any will do, I'm using Fire FTP, I've seen it with other pages (just don't remember which off hand)  

Actual results:

Text is too small on UHD

Screen shot included but you will have to scale it to see the issue

Expected results:

Text should be magnified to match the rest of the FF interface.

Comment 1

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Created attachment 8831063 [details]

Note text within dialogue box

Comment 2

a year ago
Is this dialog box for the Firefox UI or from the website?

Comment 3

a year ago
This one was thrown by FireFTP in the browers (not standalone)

I'd say the issue is with Firefox UI. 

As best I can make out...

element {
window, page, dialog, wizard, prefwindow {
    color: -moz-DialogText;
    font: message-box;
        font-family: -moz-use-system-font;
        font-style: -moz-use-system-font;
        font-weight: -moz-use-system-font;
        font-size: -moz-use-system-font;
        line-height: -moz-use-system-font;
        font-size-adjust: -moz-use-system-font;
        font-stretch: -moz-use-system-font;
        -x-system-font: message-box;
        font-feature-settings: -moz-use-system-font;
        font-language-override: -moz-use-system-font;
        font-kerning: -moz-use-system-font;
        font-synthesis: -moz-use-system-font;
        font-variant-alternates: -moz-use-system-font;
        font-variant-caps: -moz-use-system-font;
        font-variant-east-asian: -moz-use-system-font;
        font-variant-ligatures: -moz-use-system-font;
        font-variant-numeric: -moz-use-system-font;
        font-variant-position: -moz-use-system-font;
window {
    font: 3mm tahoma,arial,helvetica,sans-serif;
        font-family: tahoma,arial,helvetica,sans-serif;
        font-style: normal;
        font-weight: normal;
        font-size: 3mm;
        line-height: normal;
        font-size-adjust: none;
        font-stretch: normal;
        -x-system-font: none;
        font-feature-settings: normal;
        font-language-override: normal;
        font-kerning: auto;
        font-synthesis: weight style;
        font-variant-alternates: normal;
        font-variant-caps: normal;
        font-variant-east-asian: normal;
        font-variant-ligatures: normal;
        font-variant-numeric: normal;
        font-variant-position: normal;

I can't see any UI overrides. Nor can I use Firebug to target the dialogue box to check this easily.

Comment 4

a year ago
Created attachment 8831390 [details]

Here's another example

This time the addon video download helper

Comment 5

a year ago
Created attachment 8831391 [details]

Same dialogue 30 seconds later when I when back and checked it again. This time it is perfect.

Comment 6

a year ago
It seems like the process of the screen grab then processing that on a second display that isn't UHD then returning to FF corrects the size of the text in this case at least.

Didn't seem to fix the dialogue in FireFTP.

Grrrr this is going to be a bugger to talk about. I don't think in the dropdown video downloader case this can be tested without having at least 1 UHD and 1 standard monitor.

The UHD display is set in Windows 10 to a test size of 175% and the other display is 100%

Perhaps this could be seen as...

In some cases the UI dialogue in FF incorrectly or fails to grab the text size setting from windows 10. 

If I drag the FF window to the standard monitor and hit the connect button in Firebug because that connect dialogue previously opened in the UHD monitor it does so again. In this case the text and dialogue items do reflect the 175% scaling for the UHD monitor.

Will do a screen shot...

Comment 7

a year ago
Created attachment 8831392 [details]

Screen grab across 2 displays
User Agent 	Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; rv:54.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/54.0
Build ID 	20170130030205

Hi Yani,

FireFTP is an add-on that is not developed by Mozilla, the same goes for Video download helper.

That being said, as I don't have UHD monitor on hand, could you please see if the issue is reproducible for Firefox generated dialogs like the "Confirm close" dialog which appears when you try to close a Firefox window that has multiple tabs opened. When doing this, please you a clean, new profile to eliminate add-ons and custom settings as a possible cause.
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Comment 9

a year ago
I'd say you don't need a UHD monitor. The issue is something to do with Windows 10 and increased text size. 

Excuse me if what I say here is vague as I don't know how this is handled by Win 10.

What I'd say that I'm seeing is the text size parameter being past down a chain then getting lost along the way.

so even without a UHD monitor it should be possible to get the impact of the issue by increasing the text size, albeit an abnormal thing to do on a standard monitor and spotting which dialogues are not at the large text size display.

I can't say for sure but I don't think I've seen the issue anywhere that is going to show up in safe mode without addons. But I do see it in multiple addons. 

Maybe the code correction that is required is within the addon framework of FF or worse it might require every addon author to make changes. My gut says it is in the plugin framework where the Win 10 text size perimeter is not being passed down the chain.

Comment 10

a year ago
Created attachment 8832785 [details]
Text Sized Perimeter

This perimeter setting in Win 10. Just so there is no confusion about what setting I'm talking about. 

I think it applies to all programs that run on Win 10 and that developers have been making corrections for this. 

Example I'm using Corel X6 Photopaint, a pre Win 10 software. 

I have the main program on the standard monitor. The dialogue to export a bitmap opens on the UHD display and it without the 175% text increase. 

The very moment I touch the dialogue it is immediately resized to 175% text. 

The trigger even for that rescale should have occurred before the dialogue was drawn. 

I did say it is a perimeter but more correctly I'd call it the triggering of the perimeter recall. 

If it helps I can ask the Corel developers what they did or didn't do about this and if they considered it a Win 10 fail issue?

Comment 11

a year ago
See if I can get some info for you... I've asked the mates at Corel as follows...

Win 10, Windows text scaling, dialogues, software changes — Developer Question

"Yani X6 isn't suitable for Win 10"

Yani "I'm not having any issues with it."

And then I brought a UHD monitor...

What I'm asking here is a developer question. I'm asking you guys because I submit bug reports on Firefox. Your feedback is for a discussion there where they don't have lots of developers using UHD displays. Because I've burned out the trial period of X8 I can't check if this issue exists in X8 as it does in X6 but knowing more people on the beta team at Corel are likely to be using a UHD display I'm hoping that the issue has been seen and addressed in some manner.

If you have already processed this issue for X8 then you will know what I'm taking about. If not then someone will need to review this.

THE ISSUE... Based on what happens in X6

On the UHD display I have the text size set in the Windows 10 display to 175%. Necessary to read anything.

If I open Photopaint on the standard monitor where the text size is 100% and say export a bitmap where the dialogue is displayed on the UHD monitor the text size of the dialogue on the UHD monitor is 100% and not 175%. Just touching the dialogue, triggers the text size to jump to the correct value of 175%.

In Firefox this seems to be occurring with dialogues related to addon. Like the FTP connect in the FireFTP addon or in a dropdown of the video downloader.

You can emulate this issue without a UHD display but you likely need 2 monitors so you can up the text size on one of those monitors.

The questions...

Has this been noticed by the Corel developers?

Was it corrected or is it a Windows issue?

If it was corrected can I have a few words to pass back to the Firefox team?

Comment 12

a year ago
Created attachment 8833264 [details]

FF print dialogue, same issues as described above.
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