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Measure the interactions with the "show history" button menu items


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When clicking on a history result from the "show history" triangle menu, we need to record the number of seconds since last visit, the total number of visits and the position in the menu list.
This is probably implemented in a enumerated histogram (time span) and an enumerated histogram (menu list).

For "total number of visits", does that mean:
- for any click on a history result, record the total number of visits so far for that item, or
- for all existing history items that were clicked, the count each was visited in this session/subsession/...

Those would be different for items clicked repeatedly in the same subsession.
This means we want to distinguish these results from the normal results returned when the user executes a search for some text?
Cause that actually doesn't happen for any of our current probes, and I wonder if that matters.
In the worst case, this probe will just double count things, and clearly it should not be added to the others for a global counting.
Also for history info.
Marco, this will certainly be a duplicate count of the occurrence of some of these results, but I believe the intention here is to gauge user interest in the provided UI element or lack thereof.
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Priority: P2 → P3
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