Make the CSS in about:addons reusable for styling webextension options.

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2 years ago
To style webextension options, we should be able to reuse the already existing CSS which styles the non-webextension options. I don't think it will work right off the bat, because it was probably designed with certain assumptions in mind about how the options will be displayed. Also, I think it might have some hacks in place for styling radio groups which we shouldn't need anymore.


2 years ago
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I believe we already support browser_style for webextensions, is this about improving the maintainability of that?  Or something obsolete that we should just close?
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I think this is about using the non-webextension styling for browser_style webextensions, which I don't think we want. It would be nice to improve the browser_style stylesheet to handle more generic html, and not require the radio group hacks, but that could be a different bug. I guess the other thought I have is that we currently have two stylesheets for the options page, the browser_style one for the extensions, and an extensions.css for the non-extension parts of the page, and it would be nice if we could reduce that to one stylesheet, or perhaps use the browser_style css in extensions.xul so that we know things are rendered consistently… But again, that might be a different bug.

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I think this is more about being able to integrate properly design-wise with the existing styling of the addon manager, when the option page is opened in about:addons.

For example, in the past, you were able with simple prefs (SDK) to declare preferences. They would show up as radio buttons or checkboxes in the options page, properly integrated with the rest of the page (which displays the addon details fetched from, the author, some links).

This is something that WebExtensions currently lack. As an addon developer, you have to imitate the look of the existing grid lines, shadows and fonts to make it blend in with the rest of the Firefox addon manager GUI.
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