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mozregression --launch BUILDID used near-build instead of exact


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User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:53.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/53.0
Build ID: 20170126004004

Steps to reproduce:

Using mozregression from git master (gui-0.9.6) to launch a specific buildid but it launches a near build instead of the one I want.

mozregression --repo mozilla-inbound --launch 20161222030652

Actual results:

It launches build 20161222151452 and not 20161222030652.

 0:03.13 INFO: Running mozilla-inbound build built on 2016-12-23 01:29:22.068000, revision 698b5719
 0:04.88 INFO: application_buildid: 20161222151452
 0:04.88 INFO: application_changeset: 698b5719c9ee8cefe0a894c37c1ef865e34d0769
 0:04.88 INFO: application_name: Firefox
 0:04.88 INFO: application_repository:
 0:04.88 INFO: application_version: 53.0a1

Expected results:

It should have launched 20161222030652. I recently did a bisect that was traced to that build and if I run it by commit it works:

mozregression --launch 96cf05faacfe6ba130553323bde9f0bb80298c8a

 0:03.12 INFO: Running mozilla-inbound build built on 2016-12-22 12:39:17.707000, revision 96cf05fa
 0:04.83 INFO: application_buildid: 20161222030652
 0:04.83 INFO: application_changeset: 96cf05faacfe6ba130553323bde9f0bb80298c8a
 0:04.83 INFO: application_name: Firefox
 0:04.83 INFO: application_repository:
 0:04.83 INFO: application_version: 53.0a1
Severity: normal → --

It seems like mozregression only knows about one build ID per day. I ran into this issue when I was verifying a fix that I already had the build IDs from

I tried this: mozregression --find-fix -g 20220413215253 -b 20220413094328

0:54.00 INFO: Got as far as we can go bisecting nightlies...
0:54.01 INFO: First good revision: 4ddd4f1a1b2758a33b531378b2f011c3063fed1a (2022-04-13 21:52:53)
0:54.01 INFO: Last bad revision: 4ddd4f1a1b2758a33b531378b2f011c3063fed1a (2022-04-13 21:52:53)
0:54.01 INFO: Pushlog:

0:54.01 INFO: Switching bisection method to taskcluster
0:54.01 INFO: Getting mozilla-central builds between 4ddd4f1a1b2758a33b531378b2f011c3063fed1a and 4ddd4f1a1b2758a33b531378b2f011c3063fed1a
0:56.12 ERROR: The url '' contains no pushlog. Maybe use another range ?
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