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Remove annotations for Windows XP & Vista and OSX<10.9 from layout reftests


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Because Gecko dropped support for these platforms.
(In reply to Sebastian Hengst [:aryx][:archaeopteryx] (needinfo on intermittent or backout) from comment #0)
> Because Gecko dropped support for these platforms.

Thanks for doing this cleanup!

One request: for historical purposes [and to satisfy my due diligence as a reviewer], it'd be great if you could include links to the relevant announcement/newsgroup-thread/etc when filing bugs like this.  (I was going to request that via needinfo, but it's easy enough for me to find & post here, so I'll just do that. :))

OS X pre-10.9 unsupport was announced here (effective version 49):

WinXP/Vista unsupport was announced here, albeit with no mention of version numbers:
I believe this newsgroup thread indicates that ~52 is the last supported version:!msg/;context-place=msg/
...though I haven't recently read through the whole thread.  But it looks like we should be safe assuming that we're no longer supporting these platforms in trunk (version 54).
(bug 1315083 comment 0 includes some WinXP context, too, further confirming that this is fine)
Depends on: 1315083
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Bug 1334898 - Remove annotations for Windows XP from layout reftests.

This patch looks good to me.

I went through and WONTFIX'ed all the bugs that this patch is removing references to, BTW.
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Bug 1334898 - Remove annotations for OSX<10.9 from layout reftests.

r=me, with just one simplification that you should make here:

::: layout/reftests/canvas/reftest.list:63
(Diff revision 1)
>  ## Currently fails most places due to partial backout of bug 808288, see bug 837461.
>  ## (Marking "random" rather than "fails" because it would pass for people
>  ## if they have an Emoji font installed when running the tests.)
> -## WAS: random-if(OSX==1007) != text-emoji.html text-emoji-notref.html
>  # With Skia canvas on OS X (bug 932958) it fails even on 10.8 and 10.10.
> -random-if(cocoaWidget&&azureSkia) random-if(!cocoaWidget||OSX==1006||OSX==1007) != text-emoji.html text-emoji-notref.html
> +random-if(cocoaWidget&&azureSkia) random-if(!cocoaWidget) != text-emoji.html text-emoji-notref.html

You should just collapse away all the conditions here and just label this as "random".  The random-if conditions cover all possible worlds and are needlessly complex historical cruft from a time when they didn't cover all possible worlds.

 * cocoaWidget implies azureSkia these days, so the first condition here is really just "random-if(cocoaWidget)".
 * And when paired with the second condition ("random-if(!cocoaWidget)"), that covers all possible worlds.
 * So, this reftest is just "random".  (Too bad.)
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(I WONTFIX'ed a few old-Mac-OSX bugs whose annotations you're removing in part 2, too.)
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Remove annotations for Windows XP from layout reftests. r=dholbert
Remove annotations for OSX<10.9 from layout reftests. r=dholbert
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