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Add option to only show applied styles


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Firebug had an option to filter CSS rules to only display the applied styles. This feature should be added to the Rules view.

That could be done by adding a new button besides the filter field to toggle their display or by adding some way to filter them out via the filter field, e.g. via a special filter tag.

FWIW, this was asked for in 

Perhaps a new operator inside the filter field?

Something like status:applied

It could work in combination with other filters:

`color` status:applied   would display all the `color` properties that are applied.

color status:applied     would display all properties containing color that are applied.

status:applied           would display all properties that are applied.

Perhaps we could have extra values for status as well: overriden/unapplied/...
Also, we could have a preference that allows setting a default value for the filter input or maybe persisting the filter input value.
Thanks Tim! That's what I had in mind when I wrote "filter tag".
The entered filter value is already persisted as long as the DevTools are open for a tab. So, that's ok, IMO. If the option should be persisted even across browser sessions, I think a button or checkbox might be a better UI than a pre-filled input field.
There's also another thing to consider with persisting the filter: People may want to keep the applied styles option activated while filter keywords like 'color' probably change more often.

After all, If operators are added, they should be autocompleted. Otherwise users won't get to know about them. And having to type them everytime is tedious.

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