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Use qparent for default original revision in perf hearder links in try server emails


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It would be great if the perf hearder link that comes form try server defaulted to the base of the push
Component: Tools → Perfherder
Product: Release Engineering → Tree Management
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This is actually a version control tools bug. The code in question is here:

I suspect this is a one line fix to the above file but I don't know what it is. :gps, do you?
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There are no unambiguous parameters to add to the URL because perfherder data is indexed by (repo, revision) and the base revision could be on multiple repositories. For us to print a base revision in the push hook, we'd need to know which repository a) has the revision b) has the most relevant perfherder data.

Also, there is no single "base" revision to choose. Is the base the literal ancestor of the first pushed changeset? Or is it the first public/non-draft ancestor? I'd argue for the latter because if you are hacking on changesets at the top of a long stack, a subsequent push will yield earlier changesets in that stack as the "base." But this isn't perfect because sometimes you want to compare talos results on changesets within a larger series.

The best we can do here is add the base revision(s) to URL parameters and have perfherder "guess" the repo based on data in its database and/or offer users a mechanism to disambiguate. In cases with ambiguous "base" revisions, we could print multiple URLs.
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Ah right, sorry, I knew this wasn't that easy (otherwise I would probably have tried harder to implement it this way the first time!) but somehow forgot.

When bug 1273513 lands we should be able to autocompare to a representative sample of pushes to m-c in the last few days, which should reduce the need for this.
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