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Toggling dom.indexeddb.enabled to false breaks IndexedDB for WebExtensions


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If you visit about:config and toggle dom.indexeddb.enabled to false, then WebExtensions can no longer use IndexedDB, even in background scripts.

There's some history here, in which dom.indexeddb.enabled was made content-only (bug 1079355) partly to enable bootstrapped add-ons to rely on it (bug 1122204).
This technically isn't a supported configuration, but I suppose we may as well fix it just to avoid the headaches it's likely to cause.
Assignee: nobody → kmaglione+bmo
Priority: -- → P2
Whiteboard: triaged
Assignee: kmaglione+bmo → nobody
Priority: P2 → P5
Product: Toolkit → WebExtensions
Duplicate of this bug: 1593508
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