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Buttons with display: table-cell wrap unexpectedly when Inspector is opened


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Steps to reproduce:

On page with buttons' display set to table-cell and width 50%, when the Inspector is opened the buttons stack instead of sitting next to each other. 

Actual results:

Open attached HTML document, right click on page to open Inspector. Buttons are re-positioned.

Expected results:

Open attached HTML document, right click on page to open Inspector. Inspector opens without changing page layout.
Blocks: 1304685
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Setting this as P1, Patrick please fix this!
Priority: -- → P1
Had a quick look, and the layout changes as soon as we are retrieving getBoxQuads on the text node between the two buttons on the test page. The call comes from the inspector actor nodeHasSize() [1]

If you early return false here to bypass the issue, you can still trigger it by running 

> document.querySelector('.disp-table').childNodes[2].getBoxQuads()

on the page. So it looks like this is an issue with getBoxQuads.

Great investigation Julian, thanks!

My first idea was to look at the highlighter's CSS, thinking that it could be the only one having this kind of impact on a content page.

Anyway, you're right, running document.querySelector('.disp-table').childNodes[2].getBoxQuads() on the page (without devtools open) does produce the same bug.
Indeed, bug 1304685 introduced this bug because it made use of getBoxQuads on text nodes.

So, new STR:
- open
- open the console (ctrl+shift+K) (make sure you don't open the inspector panel),
- execute the following script:

@mats: could you or someone investigate this issue and confirm if this is an issue related to getBoxQuads?
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Tracking for 52 as new regression.
With the new STR in comment 4, probably we are able to find out the bug that caused regression for more insight. Loic, could you help on that ? Thanks.
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With STR from comment #4, the bug is here since the implementation of the getBoxQuads API in Firefox 31 (bug 917755).
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Hi :jet,
Could you help find someone to look at this one if :mats is busy on other priority?
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Before opening the devtools inspector we have this frame tree (simplified):
TableCell(div)(1)@7fffb4142958 {0,0,18000,1860}
  Block(div)(1)@7fffb4142dc0 {0,0,18000,1860}

and after we have:

TableCell(div)(1)@7fffb4142958 {0,0,18000,3180}
  Block(div)(1)@7fffb416ae18 {0,0,18000,3180}
      Text(0)"\n          " {0,1200,0,0}
      Text(2)"\n          " {9000,300,0,1140}
      Text(4)"\n      " {9000,1920,0,1140}

I suspect that calling .getBoxQuads() on the whitespace nodes
that we normally suppress creating frames for inside the table
magically creates the frames and changes the layout.

From the regression range in comment 1:
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Attached file testcase
Boris, I seem to recall we discussed what .getBoxQuads() should do on whitespace
nodes with suppressed frames inside tables, but I can't find it in Bugzilla.
Do you recall if this is intentional behavior or not?
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These suppressed frames are not "inside tables" in any meaningful way.  They're inside a table cell.

The frame tree with the text suppressed looks buggy to me.  We _shouldn't_ be suppressing in that case, for the whitespace between the buttons, because we're looking at whitespace between two random boxes that are kids of a table cell.  It's possible that we mess this up because of the (otherwise ignored at the moment) "display: table-cell" on the <button> elements...  The rendering should end up the same (at the moment) whether they're styled "table-cell" or "inline-block", and to the extent that it does not that's a bug.

The "right" rendering here would be to actually make the buttons into table cells (as in, put them in different table columns) and suppress the whitespace entirely, but I'm not sure anyone does that.

In Chrome, it looks like there's some sort of bug along the lines of ours where they put the two buttons next to each other in a single table cell but suppress the whitespace between them.  But that's because their whitespace processing in tables like this is generally buggy and has been forever.  :(
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I filed but I'm not holding my breath on them fixing it, just like they haven't fixed previous reports along those lines.

Anyway, I think we should fix the incorrect suppression.  That will cause the initial testcase to consistently be on two lines, which is the correct layout given CSS specs plus the "buttons don't actually get to be cells" behavior.
I think the problem is this bit in nsCSSFrameConstructor::AddFrameConstructionItemsInternal (with some comments removed):

    bool isInline =
      ((bits & FCDATA_IS_TABLE_PART) &&
       (!aParentFrame || // No aParentFrame means inline
        aParentFrame->StyleDisplay()->mDisplay == StyleDisplay::Inline)) ||
      display->IsInlineOutsideStyle() ||

    item->mIsBlock = !isInline &&
                     !display->IsAbsolutelyPositionedStyle() &&
                     !display->IsFloatingStyle() &&
                     !(bits & FCDATA_IS_SVG_TEXT);

That's not good enough in this case.  display:table-cell is not IsInlineOutsideStyle(), but we're also not FCDATA_IS_TABLE_PART so we're going to ignore that display value anyway...

We should probably add 

  (!display->IsInnerTableStyle() || (bits & FCDATA_IS_TABLE_PART))

to the mIsBlock conditions.  Or something along those lines...  As the comments around this code say, setting mIsBlock to true when it's not is _really_ bad; it leads to rendering bugs like this.  Setting it false when it's really true is suboptimal, but not incorrect.

I guess we could be really conservative and replace "!isInline" with "display->IsBlockOutsideStyle()".  But I _think_ just adding the above bit about FCDATA_IS_TABLE_PART would have the same effect with slightly nicer handling of tables.
Depends on: 1341188
OK, I filed bug 1341188 for the underlying layout bug.
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Getting pretty late in the Firefox 52 cycle for a fix. Would take a patch if one appears, but not going to keep tracking this.
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Gabriel, is this still a priority? It isn't assigned to anyone currently and it's marked as P1 for your team.
Liz, I think this might need to reprioritize and moved to the right component in platform. Forwarding this to jet.
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Untriaged, and moved to the Layout component. Maybe it even needs to be closed as a duplicate of bug 1341188?
Component: Developer Tools: Inspector → Layout
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Product: Firefox → Core
Closed: 5 years ago
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Duplicate of bug: 1341188
No longer depends on: 1341188
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