mach show-log doesn't work after mochitest



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a year ago
* do a build
* run `./mach mochitest dom/plugins`
* run `./mach show-log`

Lots of log output is printed to the console during the mochitest run. 
mach show-log returns immediately and displays nothing at all.

mach show-log would show the log
(also I expect that the end of the mochitest log would have a very clear "passed" or "failed" marking, but it doesn't)
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Sorry, I'm not really sure what |mach show-log| is.. Looks like it's a mozbuild thing, so my guess is the initial component was correct (though it's possible mochitest is doing something special that is breaking it).

Given that it also lives in mozbuild, it's possible that it is just poorly named and was only intended to work with build related commands?

The "passed" or "failed" marking at the end of the run is definitely a mochitest bug though, and I did a quick search and found bug 1209463. Let's use that for that issue.
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Product: Testing → Core
See Also: → bug 1209463

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a year ago
mach show-log is supposed to show the log of the last mach command.

I was instructed to file this bug as a result of this thread on!topic/

It sounds like you need to coordinate with glandium about how this is supposed to work.
Looks like |mach show-log| doesn't play nice with test related commands in general.. Reftest doesn't work either.
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Mach test commands all have their own way to be hooked up, which is why I said to file specific bugs for specific harnesses. The core problem is that some if not all test commands are not hooked up to use mach logging, but use their own, or something along those lines.

IOW, unification is key.
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Test harnesses all use mozlog, so it's probably not worth filing individual bugs for them.

I'd actually recommend approaching this the opposite direction.. get mach to use mozlog (imo the mach logger isn't very good, and I don't think the test harnesses will ever be able to use it). Awhile back (read: years) I wrote a patch that did this (see bug 1027665), but it was a bit tricky to land and the effort petered out as the rewards were minimal.

But shouldn't "show-log" dump all stdout from the previous command, regardless of what was used to log it? No matter what logging system we standardize on, there's always going to be stuff that gets dumped to stdout directly.
See Also: → bug 1027665


4 months ago
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