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stylo: stop doing permission manager lookups for browser frames during stylo traversal


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Precompute the browser permission at frame element creation time. v1

>   nsGenericHTMLFrameElement(already_AddRefed<mozilla::dom::NodeInfo>& aNodeInfo,
>                             mozilla::dom::FromParser aFromParser)
>     : nsGenericHTMLElement(aNodeInfo)
>     , nsBrowserElement()
>     , mNetworkCreated(aFromParser == mozilla::dom::FROM_PARSER_NETWORK)
>     , mIsPrerendered(false)
>     , mBrowserFrameListenersRegistered(false)
>     , mFrameLoaderCreationDisallowed(false)
>+    , mBrowserFrameAllowed(false)
>   {
>+    // Decide at creation time whether to allow browser frames. This is a bit
>+    // sloppy, since the principal of an element may change if it gets adopted
>+    // to another same-origin global, or the permission might be added in the
>+    // interim. But it seems reasonable to require that an origin have the
>+    // browser permission at the time a frame is created in order for that frame
>+    // to be a browser.
>+    nsIPrincipal *principal = NodePrincipal();
Nit, nsIPrincipal* principal = NodePrincipal()
(though, I would just use NodePrincipal() as param)

I'm tiny bit worried about the performance. Normally frames/iframes don't end up calling TestPermissionFromPrincipal, and 
I don't have any idea whether TestPermissionFromPrincipal is fast or slow.
So, please profile iframe creation time a bit and see how much slower it becomes with this new patch.

Assuming there isn't significant performance regression, r+. If there is, we need to figure out something else.
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On option would be to move the permission check to happen ::AfterSetAttr in case nsGkAtoms::mozbrowser is set, and store mBrowserFrameAllowed there. By default mBrowserFrameAllowed would be false.
I think I'd prefer to have the check in ::AfterSetAttr. Then we wouldn't need to check !GetBoolAttr(nsGkAtoms::mozbrowser in nsGenericHTMLFrameElement::GetReallyIsBrowser.
But if there isn't performance regression with the patch, it is fine too.
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oops, ::mozbrowser, not ::browser
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Eagerly compute whether a frame is really a browser. r=smaug
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