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WebExtensions-Port of s3download-statusbar


(WebExtensions :: Compatibility, defect, P5)

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(Reporter: caselli.stefano, Assigned: pag77)


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(Keywords: addon-compat, Whiteboard: [triaged][awe:{s3download@statusbar}])

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I hope the S3 Download status bar addon will be ported to WebExtensions.
This bug is to ask Mozilla to add necessary WE API to support this specific use case.
Component: Downloads API → WebExtensions: Untriaged
Are you the add-on author? We'd need some specific API requests to be able to proceed with this and looking at that add-on there are parts of that add-on that are not possible to do in WebExtensions.
Component: WebExtensions: Untriaged → WebExtensions: Compatibility
Priority: -- → P5
Summary: WebExtension API to support s3 download status bar → Allow s3 download status bar to be ported
Whiteboard: [triaged][awe:{s3download@statusbar}]
no, I'm not the author, but still I'd like to help.
I hope that at least the "core" of the addon can be supported: showing the downloads in a bar at the bottom of the screen (I really like the approach, since I can see all downloads progress while at the same time continuing browsing).
I already asked the author about the porting, and he was hoping to use the devtools panels api to create the download bar. is it possible?
Hey, I'm author.
when it will be possible to create a custom bottom panel (as is statusbar, download bar, etc) in WebExtensions?
There is no plan to be able to create a custom bottom panel at this time.
Depends on: 1215064
Alias: webext-port-s3-download-status-bar
Blocks: 1280062
Ever confirmed: true
OS: Unspecified → All
Hardware: Unspecified → All
Alias: webext-port-s3-download-status-bar → webext-port-s3download-statusbar
Assignee: nobody → pag77
Summary: Allow s3 download status bar to be ported → WebExtensions-Port of s3download-statusbar
No longer blocks: 1280062 - does not display history from past sessions

chrome.downloads.drag is not a function

chrome.downloads.onDeterminingFilename is not a function

WebExtensions: - not open from content script
downloadItem.exists does not change from true to false when a file is removed - does not display history from past sessions

chrome.downloads.drag is not a function
WebExtensions version:
"Bug" resolved - Please close this topic
Closed: 6 years ago
Resolution: --- → INVALID
Product: Toolkit → WebExtensions

IMHO this should not be closed: the extension was ported using an ugly hack: it injects into every loaded page it's own html, to draw its user interface.
since it a workaround it can interfere with the pages, and it's also occasionally obscured by firefox, as an example to show the load status of the page, or the links when you hover with the pointer. it also doesn't work in firefox own pages, like downloads or addons pages.
please reopen it and add necessary functionalty to properly implement s3 download statusbar, and similar addons.

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