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SETA in TC doesn't see BBB jobs and cannot reduce load as desired


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I would expect that linux64-pgo talos would be low value since we are forcing all linux64-pgo to be low value.

I believe there are 2 different things to do here:
1) according to redash we have tp5o as the correct priority, BUT this is buildbot only- we do not have these available as taskcluster jobs
2) the taskcluster definition is talos-tp5o, I suspect we will need to do some name sanitizing to ensure the talos-* jobs match up between buildbot/taskcluster.  I would prefer the talos- prefix, so in this case I am advocating for the taskcluster preference :)

fixing this bug will solve our large backlogs we see every day on linux64 hardware.
talos jobs are:

and all of the above have a -e10s variety as well.
after looking into this more, :rwood and I found that all the talos jobs from taskcluster are not found in runnablejobs.json, only buildbot specific jobs.  This means that we do not have proper task labels or any insight that taskcluster runs talos jobs.

Once we figure this out, we will have linux64-pgo/talos* working as well as support for osx-debug via BBB :)

the next steps are:
1) rwood to determine if he can see BBB tasks via |mach taskgraph| locally
  - a) if not, we need help from the TC team
  - b) if so, we need to determine how to get seta to work properly at whatever stage of the decision task supports BBB.

we will still have name translation issues:
* TC: talos-tp5o, BB: tp5o
* TC: mochitest-browser-chrome-e10s-1, BB: mochitest-e10s-browser-chrome-1
* TC: mochitest-webgl-1, BB: mochitest-gl-1

Assuming there are no proper task labels to support this, we will need to do some task.label-> hackery.
Summary: figure out why linux64-pgo is still running talos every commit → SETA in TC doesn't see BBB jobs and cannot reduce load as desired
it appears that we do see the talos jobs in the normal optimize() call.  When we query SETA, there is no reference to a taskcluster::talos task- the reason why is there is no entry in runnablejobs.json (that is where we find the proper ref_data_name as well as other related parameters.)  This isn't surprising since we never publish a taskcluster talos job to treeherder.
As discussed on IRC, we will create a separate SETA entrypoint that the TC decision task will use for BBB tasks. For BBB task inquiries we will use the buildbot buildername instead of the TC name/label when looking for the corresponding buidlbot task in the low value tasks returned by the SETA job-priorities API.
Assignee: nobody → rwood
Update: Minimal changes were required to is_low_value_task, so if we add a is_low_value_bbb_task there would be a fair amount of duplicate code. So just adding a param to is_low_value_bb_task.
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Bug 1340785 - SETA: Add support for TC BBB tasks;

wonderful stuff
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