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Revoked blob URL should not cause XMLHttpRequest's open() to throw


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firefox58 --- fixed


(Reporter: annevk, Assigned: wisniewskit)



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Test: In particular we should fail in the network stack instead, with a network error.

Related discussion:
baku, will this be hard to change? Is there a past-Gecko-compat risk?
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We actually seem to be doing the right thing, except that we end up throwing the network error in send() rather than triggering an onerror (for async requests). I'll create a patch to correct that behavior.
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I've just attached a patch which makes the async case trigger an onerror instead of throwing an exception. It seems to pass try (there are a couple of intermittents there which worried me at first, but seem unrelated):
Comment on attachment 8913482 [details]
Bug 1341609 - Don't throw on async XHR send() failures when open() created no channel;

::: dom/xhr/XMLHttpRequestMainThread.cpp:2936
(Diff revision 1)
>      return;
>    }
>  }
>  nsresult
> +XMLHttpRequestMainThread::MaybeSilentSendFailure(nsresult aRv) {

{ in a new line
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Don't throw on async XHR send() failures when open() created no channel; r=baku
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