Search string using %20 instead of space when browsing and querying more bugs from a product/component having space in name




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result of the browsing/ search for other bugs

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Steps to reproduce:

2 possibilities : 
1) use the browsing function and look for a product and/or component that includes a space in it's name
2) search for a bug from a product/component that includes a space in its name and hit the "find other bugs" link. 

this doesn't happen when using the advanced search and selecting a product/component with a space.

One possible lead is that this instance of bugzilla was upgraded from a very old version (2.12) lately, but the db seems to be sain. 

Actual results:

the search string for component and or product includes a %20 instead of the space, the result of the search is empty.

Expected results:

the query string should be using a regular space and return all bugs related to the product/component
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