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Intermittent jetpack-package/addon-sdk/source/test/test-tabs.js.testBug682681_aboutURI | Test timed out (after: START)


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(In reply to Joel Maher ( :jmaher) from comment #2)
> I narrowed this down:
> searchStr=jetpack%20linux%20asan&tochange=5b49024a794b6e3148fa6aa1d92101f9e0f
> 37015&fromchange=c8b32cb1f15b5ad2588ddde5a3127697537b965a
> :ehsan, I see you authored the two patches in:
> inbound&revision=9fe977a59fa1656a0a03b8ea1ad6c873520ef1d2&filter-
> searchStr=jetpack%20linux%20asan

Hmm... is DEBUG only, so this can't be the culprit., I'm not sure what to think about this one.  I can't come up with any theories, it looks trivially correct to me.  But perhaps my eyes are just glancing over something somewhere?

> this is when this failure started, can you take a look at this and get this
> fixed?

Andrew, can you please see if someone can help with this?  Sorry to keep bouncing bugs like this but I'm really swamped these days.  :(

Thanks Joel for tracking this down!
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baku said he'd take a look (he did review the work in bug 1341898)
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this is >75 times/week, I would like to disable this test this week unless we have a specific fix for either the root cause or the test case.

:baku any updates?
odd, this was fixed last week, I cannot see indication this was disabled.
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Is this bug fixed? It seems we don't any any additional reports.
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yeah, 2+ months with no failures, anything new would be a new issue.
Closed: 5 years ago
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