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[webvr] Enable WebVR 1.1 By Default on Windows in Release

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26 days ago
I would like to enable WebVR by default in release, on the Windows platform, in Firefox 54.

WebVR has been enabled by default in Nightly and Dev Edition since November 2015.

The API has stabilized and been adopted by other browser vendors such as Google, Microsoft, Samsung, and Oculus.

Google Chrome has shipped WebVR for Daydream devices, Samsung has shipped WebVR in the Gear VR internet browser, and Oculus has launched the Oculus Carmel WebVR Browser.  Microsoft will be launching support in their Edge browser later this year in an update to Windows 10.

These first browser iterations will be shipping with WebVR 1.1:

WebVR 1.1 has been frozen while its successor, WebVR 2.0, is being defined.

Firefox Nightly already supports WebVR 1.1 sites.  A meta-bug tracks the final changes needed to match the frozen WebVR 1.1 spec:

These changes are expected to land before March 6th, in time for the Firefox 54 uplift.

Firefox supports both the Oculus Rift and OpenVR devices (ie. HTC Vive).  These devices are currently only supported on Windows.  Beta support for the HTC Vive has very recently landed for Linux, which will be the next supported platform in Firefox 55.


26 days ago
Summary: [webvr] Enabled WebVR 1.1 By Default on Windows in Release → [webvr] Enable WebVR 1.1 By Default on Windows in Release

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26 days ago
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Bug 1343368 - [webvr] Enable WebVR 1.1 By Default on Windows in Release

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25 days ago
An Intent to Ship has been posted:!topic/


20 days ago
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20 days ago
Some feedback was received after the intent to ship and some patches in dependencies have not yet been reviewed; we will be missing the Firefox 54 window.  Bug 1344216 was added as a dependency to WebVR 1.1 to ensure we eliminate sync IPC messages before landing.

Once all the dependencies of the WebVR 1.1 meta bug (Bug 1303895) have landed, we should be ready to enable by default.
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