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nsstring binding crashes when calling nsCString::from with an empty String


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So I believe the following code destroys everything:
> let s = String::new();
> let x = nsCString::from(s);

This is because
> String::new().into_bytes().into_boxed_slice().as_ptr()
returns 0x1 rather than a valid pointer, but nsstring assumes it is a valid pointer.

According to IRC chat, Ms2ger said that is the expected behavior in Rust, and nsstring binding should not assume the pointer is valid.
This issue triggers crash in stylo when we start using empty string for initial value of animation-name, so it should be relatively a high priority issue, because it now blocks our three largest tests.
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mystor, could you have a look at this?
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I'm not sure how to run the tests for this. I don't have the time to investigate with our rust + gtest setup right now, but I'll add a test before landing if Michael gives me a hint.
Also I'll add an " in rust nsstring bindings" to the commit message I guess :)
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Bug 1344209: Handle empty strings gracefully in rust nsString bindings.

R=me. To run tests do a normal build then run mach gtest RustNsString.*. You have to add the tests in the C++ file. 

Hope that helps :). I'd like to see the test before you land it :).
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Now with tests and a decent commit message.
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Handle empty strings gracefully in rust nsString bindings. r=mystor
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