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_handleTabTelemetryEnd can be too expensive


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Firefox 55
55.4 - May 1
Performance Impact low
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firefox55 --- fixed


(Reporter: ehsan.akhgari, Assigned: dao)


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Leaving this in the Photon backlog (for bug 1344302), but I'm not sure if this got markef qf:- because it's not really all that important? Or just isn't platform work? If it's not notable, we should maybe just close it?
I talked to Naveed about this. Apparently, qf- means "Triaged. Not a Quantum Flow bug. We don't care about this from a performance perspective for the 57 effort."

So it sounds like we should close this out - though I want to make sure we're clear on why. This view of the profile that ehsan is referring to is, I believe, illustrative:

123ms over the course of a 14s profile isn't huge, but it's also not great for what should be a really cheap operation.

Was this qf-'d in triage for a reason we're not seeing here?
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Uh, whoops, didn't mean to close this as INVALID.
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I see FX_TAB_ANIM_ANY_FRAME_INTERVAL_MS for instance doesn't have alert_emails set. Is anyone actively keeping track of these probes? Looks like they're more than four years old -- what's their track record of catching regressions?
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Good question. digitarald, do you know if anybody is paying attention to that probe?
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I looked at FX_TAB_ANIM_ANY_FRAME_INTERVAL_MS and found it only focused on the easiest path (1/2 tabs), not measuring perceived performance. Given that all animations should be on the compositor in the future, I don't see the need for having this.

Marking qf:p3 as it impacts performance and is a low hanging fruit.
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I also checked that tart doesn't depend on this code.
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Bug 1345315 - Remove obsolete tab animation telemetry.

Yeah, as the new Photon tab animation is going to be on the GPU, I don't see this being very useful anymore. Thanks dao!
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Remove obsolete tab animation telemetry. r=mconley
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