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Very strange problem in recent version of Firefox with the drag and drop


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Steps to reproduce:

I've put a bug few month ago and the ticket was closed but the bug is still there:

I have a very strange issue with Firefox 49.0.1 (it was not present in previous versions like 37.x)
I am a C++ developer and I must code a third party product that (between other things) has to tansform uploaded files into other files. My program is an external program. It is basically a .dll library that is injected into Firefox.exe and I intercept (using hooking mechanisms) the RegisterDragDrop API. Once Firefox.exe calls (my) RegisterDragDrop, instead of returning the Firefox IDropTarget COM interface I return my own IDropTarget COM interface. So when a user drags a file into Firefox my IDropTarget COM interface is called instead.
At this point my logic is "very simple" since I create a kind of wrapper: I have my own IDropTarget COM interface. When the user drags a file to (to add an attachment) then my IDropTarget::DragEnter, IDropTarget::DragOver, and IDropTarget::Drop methods are called.
What I do in them is to directly call the Firefox original IDropTarget (that's why I say it's a pretty straightforward implementation). 
However in the Drop method I do:
HRESULT Drop(....)
  return OriginalIDropTarget->Drop();

I really need these 3 seconds because what I do is to do some transformations to the file that will take time.

It works pretty nice in hotmail, yahoo, facebook... that is, the user drops a file and the drop action takes 3 seconds and then the file is finally dropped OK.
However in it does not work: Most of the times nothing is attached. If I reduce this sleep to 500 or 600 milliseconds then it works.

See that the only difference is this sleep of 3 seconds before calling the original IDropTarget.Drop event.

Has something changed in the recent releases?

Thanks in advance.

Actual results:

no attachment was shown

Expected results:

an attachment should be shown
Component: Untriaged → Drag and Drop
Product: Firefox → Core
I don't have Gmail, does your DLL works for another webmail like Yahoo Mail?

If yes, I can test myself and try to find a regression range.
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Hi Loic,
Thanks for your answer.
Actually my .dll works on any upload form. However in Gmail (specially in Windows 10) I can always reproduce this issue. In other webmails I cannot reproduce it. I guess it depends on the way the upload control is used, in Gmail there is something special.

Is it reproducible with a simple upload form like ?
Could you provide a upload form testcase, so I can test fastly.
Hi Loic,
I created a Gmail account for you:
password: mypassword17

Steps to reproduce:
1+ Copy InjectFirefox.exe and TestFFXBug.dll in any folder
2+ Launch InjectFirefox.exe (at this point it will be loaded in memory, you can see it by opening the task manager)
3+ Open Firefox (32 bits, Windows 10 better)
4+ Go to and log in using the above user and password
5+ Create a new memo
6+ Open a folder in Windows Explorer and drop a file inside the new email
7+ You will get the "Inside drop event" message box and after that nothing will be attached

Are there any feedback on this topic?

Yeah, sorry, I'll test your issue today.
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I tested with FF52, and I think the issue is due to incompatibility with e10s (multiprocess) and accessibility.
If I disable e10s (about:config > browser.tabs.remote.autostart=false and browser.tabs.remote.autostart.2=false, restart Firefox), it works fine.

Could you confirm?

NB: to be sure e10s is disabled (by you, by add-ons or by accessibility tools), check the line "multiprocess windows" in the page about:support.
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sorry but it is still not working.... I switched the values to false (one of the was already set to false) but after restarting FF it does not work.
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Sorry, I dont know.
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