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Fennec 54.0a2 builds being uploaded to and offered from Google Play


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My phone was updated to Fennec 54.0a2 this morning via Google Play. It would appear we haven't frozen updates off Aurora for them?
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That was supposed to be the case.
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TL;DR: We can't revert back to 53.0a2. No new aurora will be published, until new relman says so.

Thanks for noticing it. I see what happened. We have a machine [1] that waits until a new aurora nightly is created and publishes it, no matter of the tree status. I just turned it off.

We haven't seen this issue before because tc-migration happened in Aurora 53. That worker wasn't fully active at the time of Aurora 52.

The short term solution is done ([1] is turned off). We need to put it back on when Aurora is signed off.

The middle term solution is to add this step in the mergeduty documentation[2]. I'll handle that

The long term one: Put that task in the aurora nightly graph. Aki suggested a to add decision task that checks whether the trees are closed. This requires bug 1317783. 

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Per release-drivers, updates can now be offered on the Aurora channel. I reactivated fennec-aurora-task-creator.
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