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Find out what to do with idle connections opened for urgent-start requests


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We can go up to 10 connections per host when there is a bigger number of urgent-start requests in parallel.  The 4 connections beyond the regular 6 conns limit will be left open and when not active, held in the idle pool (if keep-alive) for reuse.  This could lead to excessive parallelism in some situations what might be unwanted.

Some more assessment is needed before we find out what exactly to do here, if anything.
Blocks: CDP
Summary: Find out what to do with connections open for urgent-start requests when idle → Find out what to do with idle connections opened for urgent-start requests
When they are reclaimed I would close them if the urgent q is empty, otherwise recycle them normally.
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No owner...
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I think you need to resolve this as part of introducing urgent connections..
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This bug should have an owner. Maybe Gary?
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Note that this is not needed to fix for 57.  There is no obvious or known problem with this and urgent-start will open new connections rarely.
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Priority: P1 → P3
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Depends on: 1405446
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bug 1405446 effectively fixes the stated issue.  urgent conns (including all excessive ones) are preferred only for urgent transactions.  hence, kept idle when no urgent transactions are coming and time out naturally.
Closed: 3 years ago
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Duplicate of bug: 1405446
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