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stylo: bogus entries in the style sharing cache


(Core :: CSS Parsing and Computation, defect, P1)






(Reporter: bholley, Assigned: emilio)




Just getting this on file since it's more serious than the PR it was discovered in.
Just to summarize the discussion on IRC:

 * The failures are subpixel failures, and there's a single rule in the page that reads |body > span { border: 3px solid blue; }|, so it seems at least a bit more dubious that they're styling-related.
 * The DOM in that page is really small, which probably makes the sequential traversal come in. The style sharing cache currently barely works for that case (bug 1332525).
 * Cannot repro locally.
 * Xidorn found a very similar reftest failure when accidentally disabling all style sharing. This is probably related.

Thus, I believe the diagnostic may be a bit different. Tomorrow I'll debug it if they don't end up being Servo intermittents.
This is a servo layout bug, read from

We're not inserting twice as I thought in the first time. This happens to manifest itself because we share with a different pattern with my patch, and we wipe the cache on different circumstances as an optimization for parallel traversal.

The permalink to the exact line causing the failure is I'm not sure what's the intention of that line of code tbh.
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Man, crazy bug - glad it wasn't in the style system though. Thanks for tracking it down emilio!
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