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Retire the Webmaker Product


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The foundation uses Github for issue tracking on all our projects, and for the most part, Webmaker has been retired. in order to keep things clean, and prevent issues filed in Bugzilla never getting addressed, we'd like to have it removed as a product.

I'm not sure what the process is for dealing with any existing bugs in the product, but we're happy to help work through the process.

What you'll need to do is resolve any open bugs in Webmaker (you can bulk close them as INCOMPLETE and add a comment that the project has been retired.)

For now, I'll mark it such that no new bugs can be filed in Webmaker.
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:emceeaich I'm working through the list of bugs now, one component at a time. I'll need to consult with people on some of the issues that probably should be moved to new products/components
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:emceeaich okay, we're down to three bugs left in the Product. Two are security related, and one is active. I'm asking in each one about changing the product/component, so we can unblock deprecating Webmaker.
Notify me when you are done with those last bugs.
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Component: Administration → Graveyard Tasks
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Checking on the remaining buglist. Can I move these to a different foundation component/product so we can close this product?
Hi Emma, thanks for the followup. We could move the last bug to the Mozilla Foundation Product ( but it's only got that one metrics component right now. Do you think we should bother adding a new component?
:emma the Webmaker component now has no more open bugs!
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This is good to be closed and graveyarded.
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