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Certificate Transparency information isn't set on session resumption


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Steps to reproduce:

Open a site and check its site info.

Actual results:

The ct indicator normally shows up but sometimes it doesn't.

Expected results:

The indicator should always show up unless it's completely disabled via the settings.
Component: Untriaged → Security: PSM
Product: Firefox → Core
We don't set the CT status in HandshakeCallback, which means it isn't displayed for session resumption.
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Priority: -- → P1
Summary: Certificate Transparency indicator occasionally doesn't show up → Certificate Transparency information isn't set on session resumption
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It's unclear how best to test this. We could add a firefox-ui test, but I'm not too familiar with those (I also don't know if we can ensure we're doing session resumption or not...). Another option would be to extend our built-in CT information to have a debug-only test log that we have the key for (this is similar to what we do with EV). Once we have that, we can add all sorts of integration tests for our CT implementation. That's a fair bit of engineering work, though.
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bug 1348713 - ensure CT information is set in the case of session resumption

r+. LGTM.

I think we should file a bug to add CT / SCT tests, with a mock log as you suggest. Put it into the backlog and note in there we need to test this bug's change.
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Thanks! Try looked good: (I basically just wanted to confirm that it builds on other platforms)

I filed bug 1349312 for the test infrastructure.
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ensure CT information is set in the case of session resumption r=jcj
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