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please add


to in ISPDB.
Can you provide any guidance on the username settings?  Right now for the IMAP server we're using %EMAILLOCALPART% instead of %EMAILADDRESS% so for what I assume are two different users "" and "", we'd try and create what amounts to the same account for both of them, using username "foo".  Oddly, this is what says, unless it fails, and then it says to use the full email address.  Which is weird and suggests that either:
- In some cases it may matter to not provide the fully qualified email address.
- Whoever wrote the support article didn't know either, or they were trying to save users some typing at the cost of introducing massive ambiguity into the documentation.
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Comment 2

2 years ago
For IMAP authentication %EMAILLOCALPART% works but %EMAILADDRESS% fails

-> support article HT202304 is wrong (at least for accounts)


-> support article HT202304 wrong because it suggests that EMAILLOCALPART is not right.

Another HOWTO for setting up accounts:

This article also mentions people having issues with the settings and suggests even more crazy workaround.

As the current settings work fine with at least in one proven case, I would say, we should just stick with the current settings.

Maybe you can add a comment in the conf file mentioning that the settings for those mail domains are a big mess and might need some adjustments for some users. Looks like this is the best we can do here.
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I took a glance at again since Apple created the spec for using SRV records in the first place.  It suggests the MUA should try the full email address and then, if that fails, the local part only.  I think Thunderbird may try the options listed in succession, so maybe we just need to have both options in there, but I forget exactly and am trying to avoid looking at the TB code.  needinfo-ing :BenB.
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