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[Static Analysis][Out-of-bounds write] In cubeb_log_message::​cubeb_log_message(char const*)


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Coverity detected an out-of-bounds write in cubeb_log_message::​cubeb_log_message(char const*)

Description of the bug

> cubeb_log_message(char const str[CUBEB_LOG_MESSAGE_MAX_SIZE])
> {


>   size_t length = strlen(str);

|strlen| returns the length of the string EXCLUDING \0

>   /* paranoia against malformed message */
>   assert(length < CUBEB_LOG_MESSAGE_MAX_SIZE);
>   if (length > CUBEB_LOG_MESSAGE_MAX_SIZE - 1) {
>     return;
>   }

At this point we know that |length < CUBEB_LOG_MESSAGE_MAX_SIZE|

>   PodCopy(storage, str, length);
>   storage[length + 1] = '\0';
> }

* Knowing that |storage| has size |CUBEB_LOG_MESSAGE_MAX_SIZE|
* if |length == CUBEB_LOG_MESSAGE_MAX_SIZE - 1|
=> then, we write \0 at |storage[CUBEB_LOG_MESSAGE_MAX_SIZE]|, which is out-of-bounds.

Possible consequences

As |cubeb_log_message|s are stored in a |lock_free_queue|, we could potentially be "emptying" the next message in the queue by setting its first byte to \0.

If the |cubeb_log_message| is at the end of the underlying array of the |lock_free_queue|, we could also be writing \0 to:
* |ring_buffer_base::consumer_id|, if NDEBUG is defined
* The next byte in the .data segment of the program (the |lock_free_queue| lives at the very end of |cubeb_async_logger|, which is instantiated statically) otherwise.

It does not seem useful here to further investigate how this could be exploited.

A fix

>   storage[length + 1] = '\0';
>   storage[length] = '\0';

This will ensure that the \0 byte is always written within the |storage| string.
Whiteboard: CID 1402662
Note that this is my first bug report. Please let me know what can be improved.
Also, please add me as assignee for this bug.
I think this is a 3rd party library that we are using and the fix should be pushed upstream:
Component: Untriaged → Audio/Video: cubeb
Product: Firefox → Core
Paul, do you know if this is something we need to push upstream?
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Bug 1349527 - Remove an extra +1 in cubeb_log_message::cubeb_log_message()
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Thanks for the patch Tristan, we'll get that upstreamed.
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