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NormalizeUSVStringInternal looks inefficient


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NormalizeUSVStringInternal uses UTF16CharEnumerator::NextChar for the sole purpose of finding unpaired surrogates. The latter does math that's unnecessary for this goal.

It would seem prudent to inline mere surrogateness checks without the math to compute the code point value from surrogate pairs.

(Since NextChar() is defined in a header, I guess the compiler has the chance to optimize things the right way, but can we trust it to?)
Should this be a higher priority than P3 (~"backlog"), Henri?
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(In reply to Andrew Overholt [:overholt] from comment #1)
> Should this be a higher priority than P3 (~"backlog"), Henri?

As the use of USVString in Web APIs increases, possibly yes. Hard to say.

The SSE2 solution to this isn't particularly complicated.
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I'm trying to develop code that could address this as part of bug 1402247.
Depends on: 1402247
encoding_rs::mem now has SIMD-accelerated code for this.
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Bug 1349528 - Use encoding_rs for normalizing USVString.

Olli Pettay [:smaug] has approved the revision.
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Microbenchmarks with this patch plus changing NormalizeUSVString to inline:
So, unsurprisingly, the new code shows a bit more function call overhead, which can be be seen with strings of length one. Also, unsurprisingly, the new code is slower in the contrived case of the input being 100% emoji (+44% in the worst case).

However, as expected, in the common case of the string being valid, within the Basic Multilingual Plane and longer than one, the new code is faster (-80% in the best case).
Now that I've written microbenchmarks, should I land them (in a different bug)? I.e. is it worthwhile to run them on every commit. Changes to this code aren't expected.
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Nah, I don't think so. But when landing some patch affecting performance, better to actually know how it affects to performance.

But perhaps upload a test here?
oh, it is binary a test. I would have written some web page, since that after all tests what web pages would see. oh, well.
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Another try run for the added assertion, this time without other patches in my queue interfering:
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Use encoding_rs for normalizing USVString. r=smaug
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