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In bug 1321428, I will be landing an initial implementation of scroll timelines, which are part of the WIP scroll-linked animations spec [1].

I haven't yet thought much about what, if any, support the feature will need from DevTools. For now, I'm just filing this tracking bug in advance of sending out an "Intent to implement" email.

Brian and/or Daisuke might have ideas about what kind of support we will need already.
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I suppose we need to represent the different timelines, perhaps as separate "subheadings" in the animations panel? i.e. group them by timeline with the default document timeline first, followed by other timelines (ordered by number of active animations? earliest start time?). In fact, we should probably already be doing this for timelines created using `new DocumentTimeline()`. We'll need labels to these timelines too (e.g. 'Scroll timeline for <div#container>' or something like that).

It probably makes sense to design the animation grouping feature at the same time so that the interaction between the two features makes sense.

The other difference is that we shouldn't just assume these scroll timelines advance at a fixed rate. Instead we probably need to query the timeline's currentTime every frame.
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