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Consider whether context-stroke in SVG-as-an-image should use the initial value of 'none' from the context


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The reftests for bug 1058040 show a difference in behavior between fill and stroke when it comes to context paint for SVG-as-an-image. Specifically the tests context-fill-07.html and context-stroke-07.html.

These tests check what happens when the fill/stroke is not specified on the context but the SVG image uses the 'context-fill'/'context-stroke' values. The second <img> in the references checks what happens when a fallback color is specified, and the fill/stroke tests behave differently. In the fill test the color black is used instead of the fallback color. In the stroke case the fallback color is used.

The reason for this difference is that fill has the initial value 'black' (which we expose as the context-fill to the SVG image) but stroke has the initial value 'none' which we don't expose as we treat it as not providing a context color.

I'm not really happy with this difference.

Implementing bug 1350010 may impact on what we do here since then the exposed properties are explicit.
Priority: -- → P3
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