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stylo: Unquoted font-family should be serialized without quote


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family-name can be either `<string>` or `<custom-ident>+` The parsing is correct but we assume they are all strings and all `font-family` names are serializing with quotes(except generics). We should serialize string and ident font families as they are.
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Bug 1351262 - Serialize unquoted font-family without quote

Looks good modulo one issue. Fix it, split, make a Servo PR, and r=me. Make sure that the servo bits have been removed from this patch before r=me'ing the servo side (and try to let folks in #servo know so that they can land this immediately after)

::: layout/style/ServoBindings.h:218
(Diff revision 1)
>  bool Gecko_AtomEqualsUTF8(nsIAtom* aAtom, const char* aString, uint32_t aLength);
>  bool Gecko_AtomEqualsUTF8IgnoreCase(nsIAtom* aAtom, const char* aString, uint32_t aLength);
>  // Font style
>  void Gecko_FontFamilyList_Clear(FontFamilyList* aList);
> -void Gecko_FontFamilyList_AppendNamed(FontFamilyList* aList, nsIAtom* aName);
> +void Gecko_FontFamilyList_AppendNamed(FontFamilyList* aList, nsIAtom* aName, bool aQuoted);

The generated line in should be copied over, otherwise servo CI will fail. You can find the generated in `<objdir>/toolkit/library/<target>/<debug or release>/build/style-<somehash>/out/gecko/`.

You can also just add the bool arg manually.
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I generally do binding update while splitting servo side changes but thanks for the heads up :) I'll do this before I push here next.
Oh, that's totally fine too, this was more of a heads up in case you PRd as is and got a test failure.
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Serialize unquoted font-family without quote r=manishearth
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