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Example 2: Breaking to a label


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It's more of a question about the algorithm flow of 'Example 2: Breaking to a label'. I feel it's not necessary to declare var z=0 at the very top, because the output for the 1st value of z gives 1 and not 0, as opposed to x whose initial value is churned out as 0. If I comment out var z=0 (at the top) I get the same output as if I didn't, which tells me that when I run the program, only z's assignment in the middle of the two while loops gets looked at, but its declaration is out of reach. In fact if I change z's declaration at the top to, say, var = 8, I get exactly the same output as if it was 0 or commented out altogether. So with:

var x = 0;
//var z = 0;

labelCancelLoops: while (true) {
  console.log('Outer loops: ' + x);
  x += 1;
  var z = 1;

  while (true) {
    console.log('Inner loops: ' + z);
    z += 1;
    if (z === 10 && x === 10) {
      break labelCancelLoops;
    } else if (z === 10) {

It works as well. Please let  me know if I'm missing something.
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