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Can't initialize Pontoon's db by running migrations via


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Steps to reproduce:

I am trying to setup my own instance of Pontoon on CentOS 7 VM by following the steps outlined at the page .

I get stuck at step 6, in the installation section. I can't initialize the database by running migrations (by executing command "python migrate")due to the error visible in the attached screenshot.

If I manually apply a patch (visible at the page, the migrations are runned and the database gets initialized properly.

Actual results:

An error occured, as visible in the screenshot.

Expected results:

Script should have initialized the database by running the migrations.
Unfortunately, this issue is probably blocked by
I wonder what's causing the 'relation "auth_group" does not exist' error in first place?

Does it mean that the 'auth' app hasn't been migrated yet?

If yes, how is this related to bug 1342613?
Do we know which migration actually fails?

I wonder if that's something where the pontoon migration depends on a migration in django.contrib.auth?
I reproduced the error with the "Deploy to Heroku" button - the build fails with the same error.

The log doesn't tell which migrations fails, but I guess it's the latest one.

It was added here:

I tried to build the version before this commit and it built successfully.

So yeah, my guess is also that the "base" app migration runs before "django.contrib.auth".

Not yet sure what to do here.
I researched this topic yesterday and I actually started moving our modifications of User model into a proxy model. I'll push the PR if that will help for migrations/problems we've saw.
Commit pushed to master at
Fix bug 1352744. Remove models from migration (#570)

And move ContactChoceField's queryset into ProjectForm's Constructor
Closed: 3 years ago
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