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taskgraph: get rid of filter_upload_symbols()


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(firefox62 fixed)

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In bug 1352477, I introduced a clumsy filter[1], which helped maintaining the parity of generated tasks. Like aki suggested[1], it's probably better to rely on the nightly attribute, instead. 

Priority: -- → P2
Please also don't use substring matching on labels.
Assignee: nobody → ted
Component: Release Automation → Task Configuration
Product: Release Engineering → Firefox Build System
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bug 1353296 - get rid of filter_upload_symbols.

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::: taskcluster/taskgraph/
(Diff revision 1)
> -    return '-upload-symbols' not in task.label or \
> -        task.attributes.get('nightly') or \
> -        parameters.get('project') in ('mozilla-beta', 'mozilla-release')
> -
> -
>  def filter_beta_release_tasks(task, parameters, ignore_kinds=None, allow_l10n=False):

Error: Expected 2 blank lines, found 1 [flake8: E302]
Diffing the output of `mach taskgraph tasks` before and after this patch shows that the only difference is the removal of the build-android-api-16/opt-upload-symbols, build-linux64/debug-upload-symbols, and build-linux64/opt-upload-symbols tasks (the non-nightly build types that were listed), which were being filtered out by `filter_upload_symbols` anyway:

I went one step further and used aki's taskgraph-diff scripts ( to diff the generated task graph from parameters.yml files from an arbitrary inbound push, a central desktop nightly cron, a central nightly android cron, an arbitrary beta push and an arbitrary release push. The only differences that showed up there were that these non-nightly symbol upload tasks were actually being scheduled on beta/release due to the logic in `filter_upload_symbols`, so this patch fixes that. (Example: ) I don't think those were ever actually intended to run, and we are running symbol-upload tasks for the actual "nightly" build types on beta/release (Example: ).
Blocks: 1437577
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bug 1353296 - get rid of filter_upload_symbols.

modulo the lint (that's cool!)
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