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Remove the middleware


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Once bug 1188083 is resolved, there won't be any need for the middleware anymore. Let's remove all traces of it! 

I am not sure what this entails, so I'm going to ask for some help here. CC Miles. 

Will told me today we can start by changing this file to make the ExecStart instruction a no-op:
Blocks: 1314814
Depends on: 1188083
I think we can just change the ExecStart to a no-op like "echo" or something. But I could be horribly wrong--maybe systemd keeps tabs on the process and if it ends, then it gets sad and tries to start it again which would be a mess.

Definitely worth working out the plan with Miles. It's entirely possible it's super easy to do on the ops side.
I logged into a -stage web head and verified that the .service file that runs the middleware is the one we have in the Socorro repo.

I'm going to do a PR that no-ops that service file which will allow us to remove all the middleware code now. Then we can do the infrastructure changes later in a separate bug.
I made bug #1375183 to cover removing the infrastructure.

This bug can cover removing the rest of the code since I don't see another bug for that. Given that, I'm going to move it back to General.
Component: Infra → General
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Closed: 4 years ago
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