biff popup showing up in front of screen saver



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16 years ago
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(Reporter: Jon Granrose, Unassigned)


Windows 98

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16 years ago
This is in 2002040410 on win98.  I run setiathome with the password enabled on
my win98 box as my screen saver.  I just noticed that the xul popup that pops
out of the system tray every time I have new mail is visible on top of my
screensaver when it is enabled and my system is locked.  I am unable to click on
the link since it disappears due to the password prompt that appears as soon as
I move the mouse.  However, it seems that when my screen is locked, nothing
should show up on top of my screen saver.


16 years ago
QA Contact: olgam → stephend

Comment 1

16 years ago
The xul biff popup (Mail alert) will only stay up only 3 secs.
Then dissapears. 

I tried this with my NT 4.0 box and the alert did not pop
up over my screen saver when new mail was received.
My Windows system tray is at the bottom.

But when I tested on my 2k, I happened to have screen saver
preview running and I happened to receive a new mesg. And in
this case, I did see the alert dialog pop up in front of the
screen saver.

I've similarly seen this come up when I was viewing a full-screen Powerpoint
presentation, and Netscape 6 was running but minimized, and the window came up then.

Comment 3

16 years ago
It also happens with DirectX fullscreen applications under w2k. This may cause
crashes. I think the reason is that Mozilla uses DirectX for fast screen
drawing. When accessing the screen throu DirectX it writes directly into the
frame buffer and no clipping or checking is performed for fullscreen
applications (like screensaver or directx games).

I don't know how to solve the problem without deactivating DirectX for the biff
icon popup.
Product: Browser → Seamonkey


13 years ago
Assignee: sspitzer → mail

Comment 4

11 years ago
In fact SeaMonkey should detect if a full screen application is running before displaying the mail notification popup.

This option exists in Avast for example.
Assignee: mail → nobody
QA Contact: stephend → message-display
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