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stylo: relative font-size applied to defaults should cascade too


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Not only do we preserve keyword-ness of font sizes when cascading, we also preserve the usage of font-relative units. font-size: medium computes to different values based on the generic family, but also `font-size: 0.9em` will compute to different values based on the family provided it was applied to a keyword font size.

<body style="font-family: serif; /* (default) font-size: medium */"> <!-- computes to 16px -->
  <div style="font-size: 0.9em"> <!-- computes to 14.4px -->
    <span style="font-family: monospace"> <!-- computes to 0.9*13px = 11.7px, NOT 14.4px-->

Gecko does this by this complicated rule tree walking. We can instead expand the infrastructure in bug 1341775 and store a ratio with the keyword. Specifying em will change the ratio.

(This will make it not work for rem/ex/ch but we don't really care about those)
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Bug 1355707 - stylo: Cascade relative font-sizes applied to keyword sizes;

::: servo/components/style/properties/
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>      % endfor
>      custom_properties: Option<Arc<ComputedValuesMap>>,
>      pub writing_mode: WritingMode,
>      pub root_font_size: Au,
> -    pub font_size_keyword: Option<longhands::font_size::KeywordSize>,
> +    pub font_size_keyword: Option<(longhands::font_size::KeywordSize, f32)>,

Maybe "font_size_keyword" isn't the right name any more.  And it would be nice to mention something about generic fonts.  What about "keyword_based_generic_font_size", if that's not too long?  Also please add a comment describing what the two elements of the tuple are, and when we do or don't have a Some value here.
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