chrome://global/skin/icons/error-16.png should be moved to devtools



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chrome://global/skin/icons/error-16.png is only used on devtools and on Windows by

I don't think devtools should rely on toolkit image files that aren't used anywhere else.
Component: Themes → Framework
Depends on: png-cleanup
Product: Toolkit → DevTools
Florens, do you know if there's an ongoing work to redesign the devtools notification bar ?

It'd be nice to be able to get rid of those 2 files:

Since devtools is the only consumer.
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Blocks: png-cleanup
No longer depends on: png-cleanup
I'm not sure which notification bar this NotificationBox component is. It's seems mostly used in XUL tools (Scratchpad, Storage, old Console I think?), and I'm not sure I've actually seen it much in day-to-day use. There is probably no redesign in the works.

The simplest way to stop depending on this PNG icon to to switch to the corresponding "error.svg" in devtools/client/shared/components/NotificationBox.css:

.notificationbox .messageImage[data-type="critical"] {
- background-image: url("chrome://global/skin/icons/error-16.svg");
+ background-image: url("chrome://global/skin/icons/error.svg");
+ -moz-context-properties: fill;
+ fill: currentColor;

Apparently the "critical" message has white text and a red background, so filling the icon with the currentColor (white) seems like the best option.
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