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Remove support for the mozapptype attribute


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This is dead functionality now that mozapp support has been removed.
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Remove support for the mozapptype attribute

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Not sure what you're up for, but it looks like there's more dead code here:

- ParticularProcessPriorityManager::OnActivityOpened listens for an observer that never fires. Consequently, mIsActivityOpener should always be false.
- That should allow us to remove some of these priorities, specifically PROCESS_PRIORITY_FOREGROUND_HIGH:

It would be really nice if we could get rid of all the wakelock business. I don't know what that is, but it seems b2g specific, and it's tied into a lot of things.
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I filed bug 1358005 for the rest.  I just saw this attribute when I was reading some other code and realized it's dead code, and didn't follow the thread too deeply...  :-)
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Remove support for the mozapptype attribute; r=billm
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Adding ddn, just to check the docs for this.
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No mention of this on MDN, and I don't think this affects web developers in any way, so I'm not adding a note to the rel notes.

Let me know if that's OK.
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