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Avoid burning CPU before showing the slow script infobar for callstacks from minified scripts by calling PCToLineNumber with no good reason


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See the profile in bug 1330231 (  We spend 15 seconds calling PCLineToNumber() in the content process before showing the slow script info bar.  I looked into where this data goes as we don't show it in the UI, and it is currently stored in HangMonitoredProcess::mHangData's lineno member, but nobody reads from it.  Basically the consumer is dead code.  So we can just not compute this in the first place!
This is dead code, and removing it is harmless.
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Part 3: Avoid calling PCToLineNumber before showing the slow script info bar in the content process

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::: dom/base/nsGlobalWindow.cpp
@@ +11592,5 @@
> +  // parent process, so we avoid computing it elsewhere.  This gives us most of
> +  // the wins we are interested in, since the source of the slowness here is
> +  // minified scripts which is more common in Web content that is loaded in the
> +  // content process.
> +  unsigned* linenumber = XRE_IsParentProcess() ? &lineno : nullptr;

I think linenop would be a better variable name. That's how we do it in the JS engine at least.
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Part 1: Remove nsIHangReport::GetScriptLineNo; r=billm
Part 2: Remove the SlowScriptData.lineno IPDL field and the glue code; r=bill
Part 3: Avoid calling PCToLineNumber before showing the slow script info bar in the content process; r=billm
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