doorhanger UI (e.g. ‘Restart Nightly to apply the update’) stuck on multiple screens




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The new ‘Restart Nightly to apply the update’ dialogue that appears when a new upgrade has been downloaded does not stick to the single window where it appeared.  When switching virtual desktops in a Linux WM, it also appears on these, seemingly unrelated to any window.
See attached screenshot.
Component: Untriaged → Application Update
Product: Firefox → Toolkit
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla55
Version: unspecified → Trunk
Blocks: 893505
I strongly believe this is the case for all kind of those notifications, and is not only limited to the update one.
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I was told my Gijs that it is hard to combine “make this GDK window appear above all the application windows” with “don’t put it on top of literally everything else in the WM”.

I notice that the way we work around this for other popups, such as the permissions/cert popup in the address bar, is by preventing the user from switching virtual display.  Maybe that workaround would also apply in this case.
I don't see this using Ubuntu, so it is likely that this is specific to whatever window manager being used.
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Priority: P4 → P5
I also see this problem on Win 10 64-bit.
Posted image Detatched dialog
Another instance where it stuck to the top-left corner of screen and the Not Now button would not work.

This is a widget issue which is outside of app update so changing component in case someone with more experience with widgets will find time to look into this.

Component: Application Update → XUL Widgets
Priority: P5 → --
Summary: ‘Restart Nightly to apply the update’ dialogue stuck on multiple screens → doorhanger UI (e.g. ‘Restart Nightly to apply the update’) stuck on multiple screens
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