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Debugging xml files indicates current line is one or two lines from where it actually is


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On latest mozilla-central, I'm trying to debug urlbarBindings.xml.


1) Put a breakpoint in at
(or a debugger statement just above that line before starting up).
2) Type something in the url bar.
3) Middle click on one of the entries.

=> The debugger stops on the breakpoint.

Expected Results

=> The debugger shows the current line to match where it actually is.

Actual Results

=> The debugger shows the current line to be one or two below where it actually is (verified by looking at the variables in scope, and how far it jumps).
Priority: -- → P2
Product: Firefox → DevTools
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I can still reproduce the problem.

Couple of comments:

  1. It's different line in urlbarBindings.xhml - 655 (not 380)
  2. Breakpoints don't work in that file at all. I can even create them at non-breakable lines (see the attached screenshot)
  3. You need to use debugger; keyword to break in that file
  4. The execution line (highlighted line) is off by 1 (see the attached screenshot)

I am keeping this as P2


I am changing the priority to P5. XUL/XBL is being removed from Firefox code base and we are not planning to improve support for it. We are happy to review contributed patch.


Severity: major → normal
Priority: P2 → P5
Blocks: dbg-control
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