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IPDL protocol fuzzing


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Unlike what we already for low level IPC fuzzing, we would like to do fuzzing more IPDL-aware. In other words, we'd like to find vulnerable in the "handler" layer. (The handler is typically like PFooProtocolChild::RecvBarMessage() for PFooProtocol.barMessage)
Whiteboard: sb+

I have been prototyping the ipdl fuzzer in the above branch since the end
of this March. This current baby fuzzer consists of 

1) A hook (window.alert) to trigger fuzzing (only for testing for sure lol)

2) 3 fuzzers (for PHttpChannel/PCameras/PBrowser) are in place. 
   Most of their to-parent messages are covered.

3) Tons of FuzzTraits for those types which are required for those 3 fuzzers.
   Note that those FuzzTraits are only capable of generating random data.
   They are supposed to be able to mutate the given objects.

I don't know the how far this project could go but I would expect at least

1) A client (in whatever form) to trigger/manipulate the fuzzing.
2) More fuzzers (either by hand-wring or codegen)
3) More FuzzTraits
4) Record the fuzzing trace for replay/reproduce purpose.
Assignee: nobody → hchang
Summary: IPDL fuzzing → IPDL protocol fuzzing
Assignee: hchang → nobody
Component: Security: Process Sandboxing → Fuzzing
Severity: normal → S3
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