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Request cancellation bug with chrome.webRequest


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Steps to reproduce:

Cancelling a 3xx redirect request that also includes a Set-Cookie header still produces a cookie, even though the request gets cancelled. No cookies get set in this scenario in Chrome.

To reproduce, please review and install the attached WebExtension and then visit A cookie will get set even though the request was cancelled and no redirect took place.

The URL above responds with a 302 status code and a Location header. It also includes a Set-Cookie header.

The attached extension filters requests inside a blocking chrome.webRequest.onHeadersReceived listener. Redirects get cancelled and Set-Cookie headers get stripped.

I have not checked if chrome.webRequest.onBeforeRequest is similarly affected, it may or not be.

Actual results:

Cookie(s) get set.

Expected results:

No cookie(s) get set.
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I don't think this is a duplicate, as this is still an issue on firefox-54.0b2 (Beta) and firefox-55.0a1.en-US.linux-x86_64 (Nightly).
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I agree, bug 1345893 was specific to handling suspended channels during http-on-modify-request (onBeforeRequest), this appears to be specific to http-on-examine-* and may be unrelated to suspending the channel (ie. suspend is handled for on-examine-response at least).  

Observers apparently not handling async suspend in nsHttpChannel:

http-on-opening-request (gHttpHandler->OnOpeningRequest in httpchannel)
http-on-examine-merged-response (gHttpHandler->OnExamineMergedResponse in httpchannel)

I'm not sure yet if the issue here is async handling of merged-response, or if cookie handling happens in a different order on Firefox than on Chrome.

Because onHeadersReceived is the first potential place to examine a response, I think a webextension should have the opportunity to do something before cookies are handled.
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Bug 1360052 handle cancel during http-on-examine-response,

Honza, I haven't written a test for this (using the addon in this bug to test manually), just want feedback to see if this is fine then I'll add a test.

Specifically we're not handling cancel right after http-on-examine-response, so cookies still get set, then the cancel is handled at some point afterwards.
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Bug 1360052 handle cancel during http-on-examine-response,

::: netwerk/protocol/http/nsHttpChannel.cpp:2089
(Diff revision 1)
>          return NS_OK;
>      }
> +    // Check if request was cancelled during http-on-examine-response.
> +    if (mCanceled) {
> +        return mStatus;

No.  Please do this:

        if (mCanceled) {
            return CallOnStartRequest();
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Bug 1360052 handle cancel during http-on-examine-response,

rb is sooooooooooooo stupid!
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Attachment #8863897 - Flags: feedback?(honzab.moz)
Attachment #8863897 - Flags: feedback-
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Bug 1360052 handle cancel during http-on-examine-response,
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handle cancel during http-on-examine-response, r=mayhemer
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