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Space behind toolbar can be seen when entering/leaving the tabs tray

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a year ago
a year ago


(Reporter: JanH, Assigned: rbarker)


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a year ago
When the web content slides out of/into view on opening/closing the tabs tray, a flash of red can be glimpsed.

Comment 1

a year ago
Do you have steps to reproduce? I'm not seeing it on my device.
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Comment 2

a year ago
Created attachment 8862960 [details]
toolbar+tabs tray.mp4
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a year ago
Assignee: nobody → rbarker

Comment 3

a year ago
The problem seems to be that when hiding the page for the tab view, the toolbar chrome and the content view are not animated together so the toolbar is not covering the content while being animated off screen. Since this is an android animation I don't see a good solution. To mitigate the problem, instead of drawing a red rectangle where the toolbar should be, just leave the clear color which on android is the pages background color.
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Comment 5

a year ago
Comment on attachment 8863021 [details]
Bug 1360639 - Use the page background color when no dynamic toolbar snapshot is available


::: gfx/layers/composite/LayerManagerComposite.cpp:1150
(Diff revision 1)
> -    if (!effects.mPrimaryEffect) {
> -      // No toolbar texture so just draw a red square
> +    // If GetToolbarEffect return null, nothing is rendered so if not covered with the real toolbar chrome
> +    // the clear color will be visible which on Android is the pages background color.

I'm having a lot of trouble parsing this comment. Please stop the first sentence after "nothing is rendered" and make the rest of it a separate sentence (or sentences), rewording as needed.
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Comment 6

a year ago
Interestingly enough now, having unplugged my phone from my computer in the meantime, I'm no longer really seeing this either. So presumably something there must have been eating CPU cycles and caused the toolbar diverge noticeably from the content beneath it.
Folks with really slow phone will probably still appreciate it even during normal usage, though.

Comment 7

a year ago
Pushed by rbarker@mozilla.com:
Use the page background color when no dynamic toolbar snapshot is available r=kats
Last Resolved: a year ago
status-firefox55: affected → fixed
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 55
Depends on: 1360913
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